Visa to RUSSIA

How it works (why us, возможно иконки)

VISA steps*

(*different terms for different countries)


In the start you have to check the Russian visa requirements for your country. Which you will easily find here.


Then according to the visa processing time you can book a hotel or apartment for the number of required nights for the number of required persons from our site.


Then you will pay for the tour with the credit or debit card on our site.


We will send you the visa invitation and confirmation of your flights.


Then with the visa invitation and confirmation of the flights in hands either you can call or visit the Russian embassy nearly for the required documents for visa and apply accordingly or for certain countries ask for our courier to get the visa process done for you for some extra charges.


After receiving your visa just take the already booked flight with your luggage to Russia.


Here in Russia according to your flights we will receive you with open hands from your respective airports and will transfer you to your respective hotels or apartments.

What do we mean by Electronic visas?

    On E-visa can count travelers arriving in St. Petersburg by any means of transport, like Planes, Trains, Cruise liners Buses except on cars.

   Tourists with electronic visas have the right to visit St. Petersburg only.

      The application for E-visa must be submitted minimum 4 days before the trip, and maximum 20 days before the trip. The visa is valid for 30 days, but the term to stay in Russia on it is only 8 days.

    The E-visa is for single entry only, it cannot be extended.

   The validity of the passport must be at least 6 months from the date of application. No invitations, hotel reservations or other supporting documents are required.

    The tourist will receive an E-visa notice by e-mail or on the website where he applied. It doesn't have to be printed, you can simply download it to your smartphone. The traveller must have health insurance for the trip.

Only Citizens Of 53 Countries Can Travel To St. Petersburg By Electronic Visa:

- Slovenia
- Turkey
- Philippines
- Finland
- France
- Croatia
- Czech Republic
- Switzerland
- Sweden
- Estonia
- Japan

- Mexico
- Monaco
- Netherlands
- Norway
- Oman
- Poland
- Portugal
- Romania
- San Marino
- Saudi Arabia
- Northern Macedonia
- Serbia
- Singapore
- Slovakia

- Austria
- Andorra
- Bahrain
- Belgium
- Bulgaria
- Vatican
- Hungary
- Germany
- Greece
- Denmark
- India
- Indonesia
- Iran
- Ireland

- Iceland
- Spain
- Italy
- Qatar
- Cyprus
- China (including Taiwan)
- Democratic People's Republic of Korea
- Kuwait
- Latvia
- Lithuania
- Liechtenstein
- Luxembourg
- Malaysia
- Malta